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How do you install a pool cover reel?


Installing a pool cover reel can make it easier to manage and use your pool cover, especially for larger pools. Here's a general guide on how to install a pool cover reel:

Gather the Necessary Tools and Equipment:

Pool cover reel kit (typically includes reel, attachment straps, and necessary hardware)
Drill and drill bits
Measuring tape
Pencil or marker
Choose the Location: Select a location on the pool deck or nearby area where you want to install the pool cover reel. Ensure that there is enough space for the reel to be fully extended and that it is easily accessible.

Assemble the Reel: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to assemble the pool cover reel. This usually involves connecting the reel tubes and attaching the handle or crank.

Position the Reel on the Pool Deck: Place the assembled reel in the chosen location. Use a level to ensure it is perfectly horizontal. Mark the positions of the reel's mounting brackets on the pool deck using a pencil or marker.

Drill Holes for Mounting: Using a drill and appropriate drill bits, carefully drill holes at the marked positions on the pool deck. The drill bit size should match the size of the anchor or wall plugs provided with the pool cover reel kit.

Install Mounting Brackets: Insert anchors or wall plugs into the drilled holes. Then, align the mounting brackets of the pool cover reel with the anchors or wall plugs and attach them securely using screws.

Attach Straps to the Pool Cover: Depending on the type of pool cover reel, there may be straps provided to attach the pool cover to the reel. These straps are usually secured to the cover's leading edge and then wrapped around the reel tube.

Mount the Pool Cover Reel: Slide the assembled reel onto the mounting brackets and secure it in place. Double-check that the reel is level and firmly attached to the pool deck.

Test the Operation: Roll out the pool cover over the pool using the reel's handle or crank. Ensure that the cover rolls and unrolls smoothly without any obstructions or issues.

Make Adjustments: If necessary, make any final adjustments to ensure the pool cover reel is functioning correctly and the pool cover is taut and well-positioned over the pool.

Always follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your pool cover reel, as installation steps and hardware may vary depending on the brand and model. If you are unsure about any step of the installation process, consider seeking assistance from a professional or consulting the manufacturer's customer support.